Certificate of Office

Thank You For Making Me Your Selectman!

Certificate of Office
Certificate of Office
Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for your support.

Yesterday, Groton’s voters presented me with such a huge honor, and this morning I was sworn in by our Town Clerk. For me, this was a wonderful full-circle – several years ago Mr. Bouchard assisted me by having a conversation about how I could get more involved in our local government.

Thank you to my wife, Muffy, and our two kids, Bunny & Carter, for their support and encouragement. They were awesome from the beginning, amazingly patient throughout, and solidly there by my side over the past few days.

I am both grateful and humbled by the number of people in our community who reached out and gave their time (and space on their lawns) over the past few months to make this possible. There were several individuals who gave their energy and expertise beyond any possible expectations, including some herculean efforts on Election Day.

Thank you to all of the candidates who ran for any elected seat. It is imperative that we recognize and appreciate them. I know what an effort this is, and what sacrifices you make. We are tremendously lucky to have so many volunteers who imbue our local democracy with such vitality.

My campaign for a seat on Groton’s Board of Selectmen benefited from so many passionate and involved individuals who make up the very fabric of our community. It will be my honor to repay that respect in service to our town during my 3-year term on Groton’s Board of Selectmen.

It is an honor to be chosen by the people of Groton. Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to represent you as a member of the Board of Selectmen. I will serve our community with honor, transparency, fearless dedication and respect for the public’s good.

Please note that all correspondence related to my role as a member of the board of Selectmen must be done using my official town e-mail address: bpease@townofgroton.org

Thank you and best regards,

Barry A. Pease

P.S. Many signs have already been collected and I plan to collect more after tonight’s meetings. If you still have a sign on your lawn after tomorrow morning, please contact me so that I can retrieve it. And thank you once again for being willing to show your support so publicly.

Make Barry Pease Your Selectman

Barry Pease

Groton is a great community because we have a lot of smart, giving people who volunteer at every level to make sure our community thrives. You can help me do that on May 17th, with your vote for the Groton Board of Selectmen.

School and extracurricular sports programs would not be possible without the tremendous commitment of these volunteers. Community volunteers in our town are responsible for making sure that there are boy scout troops, girl scout troops, robotics club, and chess club. Grotonfest would not be possible without such community activism. Friends of mine are volunteers on existing elected and appointed boards. Almost everything in Groton runs because people get involved.

Just as my family accepts and benefits from the contributions of others within our town, it’s important for me to repay that contribution, to give back to Groton. When I asked friends and acquaintances for suggestions about what to do, without hesitation, everyone told me that I’d make an excellent member of the Board of Selectmen.

In 2014, I ran for a seat on the Board of Selectmen. Hundreds of you came out to show your support. Deciding to run for such an important office wasn’t an easy decision, but I can help make things better for our children, for our seniors, and for our neighbors. I know that I can help people both feel involved and become involved in running their town. We lost that election by only 93 votes. Right after the election, the Board of Selectmen appointed me to Groton’s Finance Committee, where I’ve served for the past 2 years. Now, in 2016, I’m running again! It’s my way to say “Thank You” to the town and people who make Groton, my home, an incredible community and special place to live.

My vision for Groton demands fiscal responsibility so that seniors and families can afford to live here while we maintain exceptional streets and world-class safety. We need strong schools to foster our children’s future, preserve our reputation, and keep Groton desirable for potential homebuyers. We require a fully open and transparent Town Hall, elected by the people and working for the people. To make this possible, we have to elect leaders with integrity who work well with others, understand the future, and get things done.

I’m asking for your vote to help me say “Thank You,” and to make my vision and your vision of Groton a reality. Please explore this site for information on who I am, what I’ve done, and where I stand on important issues.

Please vote for me on Tuesday, May 17th. Don’t hesitate to send me an email to ask a question or to volunteer to help!