All the Other Issues

You’ve seen and read what I think the top four issues facing Groton are this spring, as we head toward Spring Town Meeting and the Town Election on May 17.

This page is still under construction, and I’m going to be adding my thoughts on important issues, but those that I think are slightly less important than the top four of fiscal sobriety, leadership, strong schools, and open government.

But this is also the page where you can ask a question by posting a Comment, using the tool below, and I’ll respond with my thoughts on your concern. Not all comments and responses are going to be and remain public, because this is not going to become a Facebook-style free-for-all. But it is a great opportunity for you to ask questions and get a reply. If the topic and response seem to appeal to other Groton residents, it will stay online.

If you’d like to correspond privately in email or on the phone, please use my Contact page.


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